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A kitten rescued from the street by a kind man.Cry loudly until the siblings left in the field are found

One day, when Mr. Will, a staff member of the conservation group “Flatbush Cats,” was walking outside, he heard the voice of a kitten from behind a trash can. It was said to be the loudest bark he had ever heard.

“The kitten was meowing behind the litter box. It was so loud you could hear it from quite a distance,” Will said.

Will’s shelter was already full of rescued cats, but they couldn’t leave the kittens in need. Will took care of the kitten immediately, took it home, named him Sonny, and began fostering it.

Will’s wife, Divya, quickly gave Sonny a bath and wrapped him in a warm towel. Sonny seemed so happy that he started purring his throat.

An hour ago Sonny was meowing alone behind a trash can, but now he’s completely clean, free of fleas, eating delicious food, and turning into a happy kitten.

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However, the happy Sonny suddenly began to cry, and it never stopped. Mr. Will, who saw the figure, thought that maybe Sony was with someone, and returned to the place where he protected Sony again. Then I found another kitten hiding behind the fence.

The kitten was the same age as Sonny and had similar markings. When Will saw the kitten, he instantly knew it was Sonny’s brother.

Mr. Will gave the kitten food to gain his trust. After the meal, I rescued the kitten and took it to Sonny.

Will named the kitten “Monkey”. The monkey was so scared that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her until she met Sonny. However, when she reunited with Sonny, Sal quickly calmed her down and she began to let Mr. Will touch her body.

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After being cared for for two hours, the monkey began to trust humans and show affection. And she started playing with her two brothers again and hugging.

Mr. Will took his brother to the animal hospital. The brothers, visiting the hospital for the first time, seemed very nervous to each other. Since my brother has lived outdoors all his life, he needed to get rid of the worms in his stomach.

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After that, the brothers who were entrusted to the adoptive family completely accepted humans two weeks later. Siblings began cuddling in their favorite beds, lounging on their caregivers’ laps, and climbing onto their feet for affection.

The brothers never leave each other’s side ever since they meet again. Sonny and Sal are completely inseparable.

kittens snuggling

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So Will and his wife started looking for someone to take the brothers in together. Finally, I was able to find the perfect foster home for my brother.

“Sonny and Sal are now doing well in their new home. They say they are happily crossing over their new foster’s face at 5am every morning.”

“My brother will never be in a difficult environment again,” Will told me.

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In this way, the brothers who were living on the street were able to enjoy their time in the safety of their home. The brothers who have walked a long way so far have been able to obtain the best happiness thanks to Mr. Will. From now on, the brothers will continue to live happily ever after while being spoiled by their family for the rest of their lives (*´ω`*)

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