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Cats have survived in harsh outdoor environments for a long time.He finds happiness in the knees of the woman he meets at her shelter and decides to be with him for the rest of his life.

Feta the cat has struggled to survive in the harsh outdoors all his life. One day, Feta wandered into a stray cat colony in search of food, where he was attacked by another cat and injured.

A woman found Feta and took him to a local shelter to change his life. Already Feta seemed ready to say goodbye to her life on the streets, and she found great happiness in a place with a sheltered roof, unlimited food and a comfy bed. I was feeling

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With the help of veterinarians and staff at the shelter, Feta gradually recovered. In addition, Feta, who felt her human kindness, gradually broke out of his shell and began to enjoy interacting with humans.

When Feta was ready for adoption, she was moved to the Black Cat Market cat cafe. Even though Feta has lived in a harsh environment all her life, she has a very sweet personality and a big heart.

When Feta arrived at the cat cafe and found the shy kitten, she snuggled up to her as if she knew what to do.

“Feta is rough all over and may look a little sad at times, but it’s actually very sweet and loves being petted and hugged,” said a cat cafe staff member.

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A few days later, Ashley visited a cat cafe and fell in love with Feta at first sight. She Feta stared at Ms. Ashley with her sad eyes and she came straight to Ms. Ashley and put her hands on her knees.

Totally enamored with Feta, Ashley immediately applied to become a foster parent. After that, she was Ms. Ashley, who left the cat cafe, but she couldn’t get her feta out of her head.

“I went to see Feta again a few days later, thinking about the time I wasn’t selected for adoption. And when I spotted him, he seemed to recognize me, too, and took the cat tree. He got off and landed on my lap and in that moment it felt like he chose me,” Ashley said.

After that, Ashley officially became Feta’s foster parent, and Ashley took Feta home. Feta, who has been wandering her streets all this time, is finally able to reach the home of her life.

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“After we got home, Feta spent about a week exploring the house and settling into his new surroundings. will appear.”

I also found that Feta is quite talkative. She has a repertoire of feta vocalizations and when she has something to say she doesn’t hesitate to talk to me.

In addition, Feta loves to take a nap with Ashley, and he seems to be happily kneading soft things while blinking slowly towards Ashley.

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“He has a voracious appetite and sometimes tries to sneak up on my food. He also loves napping on a large white cushion, which he claims is his own.” So I can’t sit anymore.”

‘Feta also likes watching birds and squirrels through the large living room window between naps and treats. He’s very curious and really enjoys being indoors,’ says Ashley. said happily.

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Feta, who has lived in such a harsh environment for a long time, was able to be reborn thanks to kind people. Feta loves her current life from the bottom of her heart and is living a life full of happiness (*´ω`*)

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