A kitten finds a happy parent and child cat in a lost barn.Reborn as a happy kitten when she is greeted with kindness by her mother cat

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This is the story of a farm. The farm had a barn for storing straw, which was used by six newborn kittens and a mother cat. The mother cat was very childish and continued to raise her kittens with a lot of love.

One day, a brown tiger kitten strayed into the barn where the cat’s parent and child lived. And the kitten began to stare at the happy parent and child.

After a while, the kitten entered the circle of parent and child.

Parent and child of a cat snuggling up

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Apparently, the kitten got separated from the mother cat somewhere and seems to have approached the parent and child in search of mother’s affection.

kitten huggingSource: doihavetosignup

The mother cat warmly welcomed such a lonely kitten.

Parent and child of a cat snuggling upSource: doihavetosignup

And I hugged you with lots of affection (* ´ ` *)

kitten being huggedSource: doihavetosignup

It seems that the six kittens immediately fell in love with their new brother, and immediately started playing together♪

Kittens gathering togetherSource: doihavetosignup

The solitary kitten was once again able to feel the love of his mother. I’m sure that the kitten will continue to live a happy life while receiving a lot of love from her kind mother cat (*´ω`*)

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