People who found a kitten sticking its head out of a wooden fence.Thanks to the kitten, I know that there are brothers nearby and rescue everyone safely

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One day, while the staff of the rescue group “Alley Cat Rescue” were conducting TNR activities (activity to sterilize and neuter stray cats and return them to their original places) near North Hollywood Station in Los Angeles, a tree appeared. I found a kitten sticking its head out of a hole in the fence.

kitten looking out from fence

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Source: alleycatrescueinc

The staff quickly rescued the kitten and checked to see if there were any mothers or siblings nearby. Then I noticed a few kittens hiding in the bushes nearby. All the kittens needed veterinary care, so the staff rushed them to the animal hospital.

kittens in the bushSource: alleycatrescueinc

Among them, a kitten named “Mieps” was the weakest of his siblings, unable to open his eyes due to an infection.

“The kittens were all sick and needed antibiotics, eye ointment, eye drops, digestive medicine, nutritional supplements and stomach worm treatment,” said rescue group Desiree Stapley. .

“Mieps was the smallest of the kittens and was the most seriously ill. We weren’t sure if she would survive.”

kitten being huggedSource: alleycatrescueinc

The kittens were then treated at their foster home. The fosters continued to care for the kittens 24 hours a day for several weeks.

Mieps’ illness was so severe that he needed more treatment than his brother. However, Mieps did not complain during the treatment, and he was treated obediently.

rescued kittensSource: alleycatrescueinc

Gradually regaining his strength thanks to the devoted care of his foster-mother, Mieps began to purr loudly as he snuggled up to his siblings. The kittens have all been through tough times, but they have come to see that they are in a safe place and are very happy.

The kittens received the care they needed in a house sheltered from the elements, received lots of love from their foster parents, and gained weight day by day.

kittens staringSource: alleycatrescueinc

Mieps also surprised his foster parents and staff with his strong determination to survive. Mieps steadily continued to grow up with her siblings and gradually her adorable personality began to emerge.

“A very charming Mieps is always on the lookout for affection. She often walks around the keyboard and purrs. She is so adorable that no one can resist.”

sleeping kittenSource: alleycatrescueinc

“Mieps is always on her shoulders, patiently waiting to be petted. She often cuddle up to her brother ‘Bear’ and cuddles with her calico ‘Prue’.”

“Meeps was on medication for a long time, gradually allowing her body to recover, and she was fully recovered. The vet told her that her eyes were completely out of danger.” His eyes now see everything clearly.”

kittens snugglingSource: alleycatrescueinc

At 3 months old, Mieps and his brothers have grown a lot. Mieps is still the smallest of her siblings, but she says her small size is perfectly compensated for by her charming personality.

Mieps was unable to see when he was rescued, but thanks to the kind people, he was able to be reborn as a kitten with adorable eyes.

sitting kittenSource: alleycatrescueinc

Thus Mieps and his brothers began to live in a safe house and were able to recover completely. After that, the kittens went off to their respective homes, and they are spending happy days with their new foster parents (*´ω`*)

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