A kitten wandering the streets with invisible eyes.If you feel the love in a gentle man’s house, you will be reborn as a spoiled kitten overnight.

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About a week ago, Little Wanderers NYC staffer Sunny was contacted about a kitten found in a community cat colony. Sunny went to the kitten with the colony manager.

However, when I arrived at the scene, the kitten was not there. So Sunny prepared food and started playing cat meows on her smartphone.

After a while, the kitten appeared after hearing the voice, and Sunny quickly realized that the kitten had an eye problem.

“I looked at her eyes and thought she might have entropion (eyelids that turn inward). When I checked it out, I realized there was something more serious going on,” Sunny said.

blind kitten

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Sunny used a trap to rescue a kitten later named “Oracle”. “At first, Oracle was very scared because he didn’t know what was going on with him.”

Shortly thereafter, Oracle was taken to the animal hospital and examined by a veterinarian. It turned out that Oracle’s eyeball had burst and he was completely blind. When she was about five months old, Oracle got the care she needed from a veterinarian.

“If Oracle had continued to live on the streets, she would not have lived long. She was blind and in constant danger. Telling him changed my life forever.”

In order to socialize the oracle, the shelter staff began looking for a foster parent to raise the oracle. And Tim, a public school teacher and childcare volunteer, agreed to take care of Oracle.

Starting out in a safe house, Oracle soon emerged from her shell with a quiet room, comfortable bed, delicious food and lots of love. He began to trust Tim and seek her affection.

Oracle, who noticed the comfort in the house, was definitely gaining confidence. Realizing that Oracle didn’t have to hide or fight to live, he began smelling different locations as he explored the house. Finally, the Oracle climbed onto Tim’s lap and began to relax in his warm arms.

“At first, we thought the Oracles were very wild and would take a long time to accept humans.

Oracle took a new step in a short time and was reborn as another cat. In Oracle’s head, a map of the inside of the house has already been completed, and he is always living indoors with peace of mind. Oracle also loves a warm lap and is very happy to receive so much love from Tim.

The oracle is completely blind, but that doesn’t stop her from living a fulfilling life in the future. Oracles can use senses other than sight to live as if they can see.

Thanks to Tim and his friends, Oracle was able to start walking towards a bright future. The current oracle is always relaxed and happy to be pampered and continues to absorb all the love.

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